Resources for Learning More about Arduino

Places to Purchase Parts and Microcontrollers

DoodleBots-aSylvia’s Project Kit – Get a kit of all the parts you need for the projects in this book.

Sparkfun – Parts, kits, and resources including Arduino tutorials.

Adafruit – Parts, kits, videos, and a series of guides to learn more about the Arduino.

MakerShed – Purchase Arduino boards and accessories.

Online Arduino Resources

Arduino website – The home of the Arduino. Contains code, drivers, troubleshooting, and more.

Make Magazine Arduino – Videos, project ideas, how-tos, kits, parts, and blog posts about what people are doing around the world with the Arduino.

Instructables Arduino Projects – Offers a number of Arduino projects at varying levels of complexity.

Lilypad Arduino – An Arduino board for projects using textiles and wearable electronics.

Recommended Books

Getting Started with Arduino – A handy little guide to getting started on Arduino by Massimo Banzi, the father of Arduino.

Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches – By Simon Monk. Clear, easy-to-follow downloadable examples show you how to program Arduino in C. This is a must have book for learning to use the Arduino.