Doing things like this made me love building projects and made me feel special when I was quite young. The knowledge of how to do such things is around but it’s almost always more important to get youngsters to WANT to do thing like this. Sylvia carries that motivation factor so well that I actually would want to embark on these projects myself. The hardest steps are the beginning ones and these projects are simple enough to not lose the interest of youngsters who want to build things in their lives.

Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple

My daughters and I have long enjoyed watching Super Awesome Sylvia’s wonderful how-to videos. With this engaging book I can’t wait to help them dive into Arduino projects.

AnnMarie Thomas, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas School of Engineering, Author Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation

Learning to program an Arduino is not that easy. With this book you can learn to use an Arduino in a fun and engaging way. This book has a creative take on learning to program and use and an Arduino.

Schuyler St. Leger, Student, Maker, Teacher

Sylvia’s super awesome explanations and illustrations illuminate the often intimidating introduction to Arduino. Easy to read, clear, and funny, this book has everything a kid (even a big one) needs to get started tinkering and coding their own projects with confidence.

Pat Yongpradit, Director of Education,

Super-Awesome Sylvia has created a treasure, an outstanding how-to book for anyone who wants to make things or learn about making things. The book contains three tempting projects for you to build and program using an Arduino. The text is clear, concise and well illustrated. You are bound to get hooked into becoming an adept maker.

Cynthia Solomon, Educational computing pioneer and co-inventor of the Logo programming language

What a refreshing and original book! Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Book: Super-Simple Arduino by Super-Awesome Sylvia is packed with whimsy, energy, and tons of practical “hands-on” activities to get kids excited about microcontroller engineering, science and programming. This is also a great book for parents and teachers who should be joining their kids at the “maker table!” Bravo, Sylvia! Super-awesome!!

Peter H. Reynolds, NY Times Bestselling author & illustrator, The Dot, Ish, The Judy Moody series
When kids encounter Arduino, they quickly realize that it’s possible to create almost anything they can dream of. Sylvia is the best teacher I could imagine to introduce them to this powerful, easy-to-use electronics prototyping platform.
Mark Fraunfelder, Founding editor-in-chief of MAKE

I’m a student and fan of Super-Awesome Sylvia, who —like all great teachers — conveys her abundant enthusiasm when she shares her learning. I was an Arduino novice when I first encountered Sylvia, and although I’m a mature adult learner, I found her Arduino introductions useful. If you have a young maker, or a curious young student, Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Book” is a must.”


Howard Rheingold, Writer, artist and designer, theorist and community builder.