This is a great book for sparking curiosity in both kids and adults. Super Sylvia introduces electronics as something we can make, not just use. It’s a great way to discover the basics of electronics  – and it’s totally fun!

Zach Klein, CEO -

Makers of all ages can learn from Super Awesome Sylvia, but if you’re a kid just starting out, this is a super awesome book for you!

Will Richardson, and author of Why School?
After reading Sylvia’s Super-Ausome Project Book: Super Simple Arduino, I am online ordering some parts and pieces! The book is enjoyable to read, made me laugh out-loud at times, but, most importantly makes learning about electronics and Arduino meaningful and fun! The instructions and surrounding support material about “why do this” will appeal to readers of all ages and entice them to build!
Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist and Geek

Give your kids the antidote to powerless consumerism! Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Book teaches kids (and adults!) the fundamentals of how things around them work in a fun and motivating way. Any parent looking for ways to make their kids more independent and inventive will be delighted by how Sylvia’s book makes that the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Roger Wagner, Creator of Hyperstudio
Sylvia’s Super Awesome Project Book will thrill kids and adults and, best of all, will encourage them to play together. The projects look exciting and Super-Awesome Sylvia explains them so clearly that you won’t want to wait to get started. The book is packed full of ideas and resources. As Sylvia says, “Get out there and make things”.
Anne Nelson, Principal - Spensley Street Primary School, Clifton Hill, Australia
If every student in the world had a copy of this interactive guide from Silvia, imagine how bright the future would be! This is a perfect collection of projects for a weekend of learning, engaging adults and kids alike in understanding more about how the electronics we take for granted actually work. What will you make and code?
Michael Furdyk & Jennifer Corriero, Co-founders, TakingITGlobal

Building, making, creating with our hands is an unparalleled empowering experience.  Sylvia a wonderful role model, gives a great guide to three projects I can’t wait to do with my kids and share with colleagues!

Dr. Julie Cwikla, Director of Creativity & Innovation in STEM - University of Southern Mississippi

Kids are our future! Super Awesome Sylvia’s Project Book once again shows that they are contributing remarkable work now. Youth will relate to this project book as it is written by a peer and provides challenging material using easy to understand language, diagrams, and art.

Dennis Harper, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Generation YES