Who is Super-Awesome Sylvia?

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“Super-Awesome” Sylvia started making and tinkering when she was 7, and loves to try new things. One year after visiting a nearby Maker Faire, she and her dad were inspired to create a Web show about making things modestly titled, “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show” where she shows kids and adults that making things can be fun, easy and more rewarding than just buying something. Millions of views later, Sylvia has covered everything from hobby rocketry to sewable soft circuits. The show has garnered attention from parents and educators the world over. Learners of all ages report that the show inspires them to make things and learn lots along the way. She is a girl scout and has three younger siblings. Sylvia has been profiled on network news, People Magazine, and in the New York Times.

In 2014, Sylvia became an author by launching a series of full-color children’s books, “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Books,” published by Constructing Modern Knowledge Press. Selected appearances and media coverage:

  • Boing Boing (multiple times)
  • TEDx speaker (Redmond, San Jose & San Diego)
  • Spoke at the Open Hardware Summit
  • Faculty member at Constructing Modern Knowledge
  • Keynote speaker at Robots Conf International
  • Appeared in Numerous Documentaries
  • Stories in New York Times, People Magazine, Muse, various newspapers
  • Appeared in person on Katie Couric show, ABC World News, Nick news with Linda Ellerbee
  • Launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund development of her Watercolorbot robot project kit
  • White House Science Faire participant
  • Represented Girls in ICT on a panel at the UN Headquarters in Geneva

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